Basem A. Nayfeh
Some photos I've taken going around.

Current Info

I'm the Chief Technology Officer at AudienceScience after my company was acquired in April 2001. In the "old days" my work was in the area of single-chip multiprocessors (now known as dual-core or multi-core processors). Some papers on the subject and my thesis (The Case for a Single-Chip Multiprocessor) are below. It's really cool to see that they are now commercially available.

Used to be Current Info

I have started an e-commerce technology startup with some other Stanford and MIT guys... Check it out at

Old Info

Research Scientist at Compaq/Digital's Western Research Lab in Palo Alto.

Even Older Info

I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, working in the Computer Systems Laboratory under Kunle Olukotun.

My research is in the area of Single-Chip Multiprocessors, and I'm part of a group working on the Stanford Hydra Microprocessor, a next generation, shared-cache, microarchitecture.



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